What Does It Mean To Work For Someone Else?

Most of us have to work in order to support ourselves, but it is not done in the same way in all cases. The first thing to do is choose between being employed or self-employed.

Do you want to know what exactly a salaried job entails and why is it the most common way of working? Read on to find out.

The Concept Of Paid Employment

Working for someone else is synonymous with working for someone else or being an employee. It implies that we voluntarily provide services to another person or company and in return we receive remuneration in the form of salary.

The Characteristics Of This Legal Relationship Are As Follows:

  • Salaried work is always voluntary , it occurs because there is an agreement between the employer and the worker. Agreement that, in addition, is collected through a contract.
  • It is the employer who makes available to his worker the means he needs to carry out his work.
  • The employee remains under the management power of the employer , who is the one who organizes the work to be done.
  • There is alienness in the fruits . In other words, the result of the work becomes the property of the employer.
  • In exchange for the services rendered, the worker receives remuneration .

Advantages Of Working For Someone Else

The main advantage is that all risks and expenses are borne by the employer . For example, if you work in a logistics warehouse and you need safety boots to prevent a falling box from causing a foot injury, it is the employer who must acquire and deliver that material.

As far as risks are concerned, they never fall on you as an employee. If the business goes bad, you could lose your job, but it is the businessman who has put his money in and who could lose the investment and even be left with a significant debt if he has to close.

Working for someone else, you enjoy all the rights recognized in the Workers’ Statute (vacations, extra pay, maternity and paternity leave, etc.) In addition, it is the employer who takes care of your contributions so that you, tomorrow , you can access public benefits such as the temporary disability benefit or the retirement pension.

But this way of making a living also has some drawbacks. For starters, you may find yourself being forced into something that doesn’t really fulfill you in order to earn a living .

In addition, in many cases working for others implies not being able to advance professionally as much as you want, receiving a salary that is not always considered fair or adequate for the work that is done and even having to deal with a boss who does not know how to be a true leader.

Working For Someone Else Vs. Work On Your Own

The self- employed, the self-employed , find themselves in a very different situation. It is true that they are their own bosses, but they also assume much more responsibility , since they have to face all the risks and expenses associated with their activity.

In addition, the self-employed person has to personally take care of paying their Social Security contributions and, since their contribution is usually lower, the public benefits to which they are entitled are lower than those of an employee.

On the other hand, the self-employed person is fortunate to be able to dedicate himself to what he likes and has greater freedom when establishing his work time. And if you do well, you can earn more money than a salaried employee.

Being self-employed is a challenge on many levels, perhaps that is why most people choose to work for someone else. Although there are also many who after being salaried decide to leave their job and start their own business.

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What is Multi-Touch? What’s the point?

What is Multi-Touch? What’s the point?

Multi-Touch is an advanced technology that allows software to be controlled by touching a special surface. Each finger placed on the Multi-Touch device corresponds to a pointer, much like a mouse pointer. The strength of this technique lies in the fact that you can combine several fingers to trigger interactions Greentouch. The movement of the various pointers-fingers then becomes something very interesting. The question did not arise with a classic mouse but with several pointers, their movements – if they are organized and structured – can trigger actions. Rotating and zooming are arguably the simplest examples. For the end user, this is a real revolution.

Top 5 Ways to Use Touch Screens at Events

What’s the point?

Like the keyboard and the mouse, Multi-Touch is used to send control information to software. The possible level of interaction of Multi-touch screen goes well beyond the interaction systems existing to this day. It is the start of a new strong technological era and it is only beginning to foresee the possible application potential. Make way for imagination and invention!

How it works?

Today technology exists in many more or less different forms:

Vision-based system: Cameras film the position of the hands on a surface. The image is analyzed by sophisticated algorithms to determine the position of the fingers. Often the image is projected onto this same surface. 

Capacitive system: The finger on the device moves an eclectic current of low potential much like a magnet. The load variation is measured at the surface of the device to determine the position of the fingers. IPhone is an example of a capacitive screen. Another is the 3M screen. You can find more and more on the general public market.

Resistive system: Here it is the pressure of the finger that triggers a reaction

Infrared technology: Infrared, horizontal and vertical radiation surrounds the screen. Contact is detected when one of these light beams is interrupted.

There are more than half a dozen different techniques. Some detect 2 fingers, others 4, others 10, up to 50 fingers like Microsoft’s Surface. But not every technology has the same application characteristics, nor the same degree of maturity.

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How to implement the technology?

On the material side, the recent democratization of technology has caused prices to drop considerably. Small capacitive systems are available on the market, such as the Dell Latitude XT2 tablet-PC (13 inches) or the 3M screen (19 inches) at around 2000 Euros. Some manufacturers offer low cost systems below 1000 Euros. To have the high end with the vision-based systems of larger sizes, it will take from 6000 Euros (32 inches) to 20,000 Euros (> 46 inches).

On the software side, even though most software development platforms are starting to support Multi-Touch, it is the only at the start of the journey. A good technician will be able to intervene on a technology like Surface, Windows 7 or Flash. It will take a Bac + 5 Computer Science for an Immersion table. Ideally software development is done by a programmer. Historically these people are either programmers doing design or designers doing programming anyway, the generalization of these technologies has led to the emergence of a new profession: that of interactive designer.

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What is Partial Early Retirement And At What Age Can It Be Requested?

As the years go by, our mind and body are getting more and more tired from work life. With the retirement age set at 67, more and more people are opting for the option of partial early retirement . In this article, we are going to explain what exactly partial early retirement is and what conditions you must meet to access it.

What Is Partial Early Retirement?

Partial early retirement is the perfect solution for those who are tired of working (that is, almost everyone) but who still do not meet the requirements for full retirement. With this option you can benefit from a reduction in working hours that ranges from 25% to 75% , so your working hours will be drastically reduced.

Part of your salary will come from the hours worked in your company, and the other part will come from your pension paid by social security. If, for example, you partially retire at 50%, your working day will be 4 hours if you usually work full time. Your salary will be completed with the part of the pension corresponding to your retirement.

Partial retirement is currently regulated by two different laws, but both agree that at least 60 years of age must have been completed to access partial early retirement, below we see all the conditions that must be met in order to access it.

General Conditions To Access Partial Early Retirement From Social Security

In 2013, the legislation to access partial early retirement was affected by a reform. Before, the early retirement age was 60, whether you were a mutualist or not. Now, this same age is maintained for mutualists, but it has been increased at the rate of 1 month per year until 2027, when the minimum age for early retirement will be 63 years.

Apart from the essential age requirement, you must absolutely meet other conditions in order to access partial early retirement. As there are two clearly differentiated options, we are going to separate them.

Partial Early Retirement Requirements With A Relief Contract

If you are not part of a mutual fund and you work as an employee, the conditions to access partial early retirement are much more demanding, let’s see what they are:

  • Currently the minimum age is 61 years and 10 months . In the following table you can see how the early retirement age will progress as the years go by.
  • Contract full time or assimilation of several part – time contracts that amount to a full day.
  • It is mandatory that a replacement contract be entered into simultaneously by the company.
  • Reduction of working hours from 25 to 50% . If the relief contract is full-time and indefinite, you can opt for 75%.
  • Minimum contribution period: it is currently 35 years and it will increase 3 months each year until reaching 36 years and 6 months in 2027.

Seniority in the company: 6 years or more.